About SMG

Seventeen Mile Golf is a confluence of golf passionate individuals, with over sixty years combined experience specializing in CAD, and manufacturing technology. SMG Putters are proudly made in house, right here in the USA.

Using modern 5-axis CNC machining, our meticulous process and focus on precision and repeatability ensures each putter is perfectly balanced and milled to exact specification. We use strictly the highest quality materials, tools, and equipment in our obsessive pursuit of perfection. Driving us to uphold the highest industry standards and achieve the purest possible sound and feel. Once machined, each putter is carefully hand finished and crafted with incredible attention to detail. 

Taking an approach to putter making that has yet to be seen, our innovative 3D configurator allows you to build your putter in real time, featuring AR technology. This allows you to visualize your putter as an ultra-realistic rendering before it’s produced. Committed to creating a one stop shop, we aim to provide the ultimate putter purchasing experience unmatched in the golf community. We’re committed to setting new standards in lead times and customer service because the same values that hold true to golf like patience, trust, integrity, and respect, also hold true to SMG.

Our goal is to lower your score and grow this wonderful game we all love. Taking a green to tee approach, we believe the heart and soul of the game is putting. Bombing drives and flushing irons is fun, but the ultimate joy comes from sinking pressure putts when it matters most. Your putter is the most important tool in the bag, responsible for more strokes than any other club. Owning a fitted, custom putter by SMG allows you to take the technicality out of putting, and frees you to simply see the line, feel the stroke, and execute. This will not only lower your score but give you a strong sense of confidence, knowing the only place for the ball to go is in the hole. 

Seventeen Mile Golf - “Miles Ahead”